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Dry eye

Our Focus:

The focus of our Premier Dry Eye Spa & Cosmetic Eye Care is to elevate dry eye awareness, provide individualized dry eye treatment plans, and ocular beauty enhancements. Allowing our patients to “clearly see their beauty and live pain-free!"

Our impact:

Dry Eye affects 23 million people in the US. Dry Eyes can cause excessive redness, tearing, burning, gritting sensation, blurry vision and pain. Dry eye is a chronic disease that can be treated and managed by our eye care professionals. Dr. Janelle and her dry eye team have successfully treated hundreds of patients with severe dry eye. Her individualized treatments plan and advanced therapy has allowed her patients to live life free from eye pain.

The dry eye spa is designed to create an environment for patients to better understand their condition and become apart of their individualized treatment plan in a relaxed environment. Dr. Janelle and her team of dry eye experts will help to determine the root cause of your dry eye disease with various treatment methods and holistic therapy. 


Dry Eye Disease Services: (Some services covered by medical insurance)

Scleral Lenses for Advanced Dry Eye Disease

Amniotic Membrane Placement

Photography and scanning of Meibomian Glands

Meibomian Gland Expression


Spa Cosmetic Eye Care: (Not covered by medical insurance)

Anti-aging Ocular Skin Mask Therapy: $ 55 (30 minutes)

Organic Facial Mask add-on: $15 (10minutes)

Custom blend Make-up and Foundation $85

Lattise Consult: $$126.03

Lid Cleaning and Rejuvenation $75

Individual Lash: $99 (first-time client FULL SET, 2 Hours)  $75 (2-3 week refill visits 1 Hour and 15 minutes) $175 (for replacement FULL SET after 4 weeks)

Sam E

Meet Samantha

Georgia licensed Esthetician and Graduate with a B.S. in Biology, Samantha wanted to not only be able to enhance beauty around her but also wanted to create an experience where women are educated on everyday skincare and the importance of skin health. Growing up with severe acne, Samantha knew that it was her calling to grow awareness of preventive and proactive treatments to healthy skin. “Not knowing how to maintain healthy skin is what I struggled with as a teenager and I know a lot of people have the same issue, but knowing how to maintain healthy skin is what I strive for”. Whether it’s through advanced facial treatments, custom blended makeup, or eyelash extension services, Samantha is very passionate about creating an environment where women can embark on a journey to greater skin wellness. Samantha is very excited to partner with Dr.Janelle OD Your Eye Care Expert to bring her passion for skin health and anti-aging to Premier Dry Eye Spa & Cosmetic Eye Care. She utilizes every aspect of her experiences in the treatment room and educating clients daily that seek out help. “Her goal is to let every woman know she is beautiful inside and out and through loving your skin you can allow that beauty to shine through”.

Dry Eye


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