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What is Dry Eye?

Dry Eye Disease is a medical eye condition that affects over 10 million people in the United States. This eye disorder is often characterized by a lack of tear production or instability of the tears. Symptoms often involve mild to severe discomfort that can potentially be vision disabling. In an effort to help our patients, Brilliant Eyes Vision Center is dedicating a special division of our practice to dry eye treatment and management.  Only a dry eye specialist can properly treat and diagnose this disease!

Dry Eye Disease occurs when a person is not making a sufficient amount of tears or the tears they are making are not sticking to the cornea long enough to properly hydrate the eye. Women, elderly patients, environmental factors and individuals with autoimmune disorders are more likely to suffer from dry eye disease. Numerous environmental factors can cause dry eyes, such as: wind, heat, dust and cigarette smoke. All of these factors can affect tear production, quality and the ability for the tears to stick to the cornea causing dryness.

The common symptoms for dry eye include but are not limited to: excessive burning, light sensitivity redness, tearing, “gritty” sensation, sharp pain, contact lens intolerance and blurry vision. These symptoms are usually intermittent and can last from minutes to hours at a time. Sometimes over the counter artificial tears can provide relief and most cases prescription medication is required to eliminate symptoms.

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