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5 Common Causes of Dry Eye Syndrome

  1. Gender: Women are more likely to have dry eye syndrome, exacerbated by hormone replacement, menopause, pregnancy or the use of oral contraceptives.
  2. Aging eyes: As people age it is completely natural that the tears we produce have less oil in them. The quantity and quality of tear production is diminished with age.
  3. Other medical conditions: There are diseases linked to chronic dry eye. The most popular disease linked to dry eye is Sjogren's syndrome, but other diseases that impact dry eyes are keratoconjuntivitis sicca, xerophthalmia, lupus erythematosus, Blepharitis, inflammation of the cornea, Grave’s disease, diabetes, arthritis and scleroderma.
  4. Environment: Wind, heat, air conditioning and dry climates can affect how fast your tears evaporate.
  5. Excessive Computer Use: Sitting in front of the computer for hours may cause you to blink less and also cause dry eyes.
* Always consult your medical eye care provider for your specific questions or concerns regarding dry eye. Over the counter treatment options may not be the best solution. Our dry eye specialist serves Cobb-Marietta, and the surrounding Metro Atlanta area. Call to schedule your appointment 770-428-0414.

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